Friday, February 11, 2005

Starting out...

Well, something has been playing in my mind for a little while recently, namely are there more people out there who realize that most daily activities for most of us are so inconsequential? Not in a regressive sort of depressive way but more in terms of, do we really pay keen attention to what we deem truly important. And what does really matter in the big picture? And more importantly, how much time do we commit to figuring that out. Most of the hours of our days are spent in pursuits that only provide inane fodder for our minds. That which tittilates and numbs at the same time. The primacy of the human mind and intellect is all pervasive. And it's demands are endless.

But should it not be so? And I can hear some of the more outspoken ones say "Oh! There is another one of those nihilists." Well, I do not know if that is truly what I am suggesting. But it surely must seem that way if it involves some scaling back of materialistic preoccupation and it's resultant sensory gratification. I hope to explore with some other like minds some of these questions in the next few days. This is not an outcome wrought in stone as it depends on if these questions are worthy of enough collaborating minds and seeking hearts who happen to be serendipitously together. Bon courage!


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