Saturday, March 26, 2005

If it feels good do it. N'est pas?

The ode to the 60's that became the basis for societal evolution in the West and now seems to be becoming a universal mantra to personal fulfillment. Is it all good and wholesomely innocent or is there a sinister trap in that mentality. On one hand it can be very liberating but on the other mandative of narcissistic excess and lack of impulse control. This is no doubt making societies more "open" but also making them less inclined to be responsible for what they do or take from the land. For centuries the world was taught to take as little as possible from the earth and to give back as much as you take and more. Now the reverse is the norm. Is it always right to follow sensation as the yard stick to measure veracity? On the other hand should sensations be shunned as a trap and we all turn into nihlistic zombies? I believe that as in all things the answer probably lies in between. The trap is not in the enjoyment of what feels good but in being attached to the need to feel that way. This need then becomes closely intertwined to the identity that is created for a person or a group or society and can be the drive behind a lot of what happens in that society. This is how a collective identity and collective conditioning are formed.


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