Saturday, March 19, 2005


So I wanted to shift gears a little (though still in the same car) and explore in more detail something I had alluded to earlier, namely modernization. Is it inevitable? Firstly what is it really? The way I look at it, modernization is the final common path most societies led by the West are taking from a more agarian, pastoral, not-so-comfortable existence. It is the genie out of the bottle. The path is well troden and well lit so as to attract those in the "darkness" as the way to the logical "development" of a society. I believe that modernization started out as a wonderful boon to humanity as advances in science impacted human existence but somewhere along the way we went beserk. Now it has become not a means to an end but the end itself. It did not simply remain the penicillins, e=mc2, sanitation and the rule of law (as modernization affected the social sciences) but became also maybe more about power and desire; the weapons of war and the trappings of materialism. So much so that the latter have become the motivation for further evolution of our world. Well, maybe you would say, you can't have one without the other. And that is where the human mind and it's state that we have discussed before comes in. The benefits of modernization are paramount and cannot be denied, it is the excesses we have to recognize and control as they are changing our world and us. And that is where the collective human consciousness and the individual insight that determine it come in. Modernization as we live it currently is a choice not an eventuality. We have to recognize that and perhaps try to curb it's varied ramifications before they spin out of control and take us down the vortex.


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