Saturday, April 09, 2005

Why do we need so much "stuff"??

So little is really so much, if it is the truth. When that little that matters is actually experienced, everything else changes and ones interactions with life and its occupants change irrevocably. The challenge after that experience is to keep oneself disciplined so as not to regress back into the machinations of the mind and its many needs, that keep one chained to all the rest of the "stuff". But experiencing a little bit of the truth is oh so challenging! In that it is so entirely simple, that it becomes truely difficult. Paradoxical but there is no other way to really explain it intellectually. To paraphrase, an experience of the truth is worth a thousand thoughts. What is paradoxical is that you can't have that experience while you are still having those thoughts. To quote and paraphrase an esteemed source: "Be still and know that I am God"......"Be still and know"....."Be still"......"Be"
That put very simply yet elloquently (by a friend) is the essence to experiencing the truth.


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